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Virtual vs Physical Workstations – Which is right?

In last weeks post on the Xenwerx blog, the differences and similarities between VDI and Daas solutions were looked at.  But what if your organization if trying to decide between staying with physical workstations (desktop or laptop computers) vs going with a virtual desktop, whether that be VDI or DaaS? In this weeks post we will look at the differences and similarities bretween physical and virtual desktops and what each means for your organization. From and IT and end user stand point.

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Citrix session reconnection behavior during maintenance mode

Placing Citrix virtual apps and desktop resources into maintenance mode is a common task for all CVAD administrators.  However, maintenance mode has not always worked the way end users or administrators have wanted.  However, some recent changes have allowed Administrators to configure the behavior of sessions that were active prior to maintenance mode being enabled.

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VDI vs DaaS – Which is right for you?

The large number of employees working remote or in a hybrid scenario has brought VDI and now Desktop as a Service (DaaS) to the top of the list of topics being discussed or implemented for many organizations.  But what is the difference between VDI and DaaS?  Both provide virtual desktops that can be accessed by employees from anywhere. 

In this weeks post on the Xenwerx blog we will look at the differences and similarities between VDI and DaaS.

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Five ShareFile tips for your business

Citrix ShareFile provides businesses a secure online file repository that can be used by employees and clients for collaboration, encrypted email, and e-signature.  ShareFile also offers such features as file drops and web forms that can be embedded into your company website to allow customers to upload files directly to your employees.

Below are five tips plus a bonus that can help your employees save time as they interact with Citrix ShareFile.

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Office 365 and Citrix SD-WAN

As more and more business move from Microsoft Office 2016 to Office 365 they realize the benefits of the an Office 365 deployment, but they also realize some of the struggles and performance issues that end users can face.  This is even more so the case for remote branch office (ROBO) where users are often times their internet traffic must traverse the WAN back to the main office before going out the internet.  In the case of Office 365 this means that rather than accessing a Microsoft 365 front door that is closer the users are forced to experience issues with Teams audio quality and dropouts, screen sharing that doesn’t always work, and slow email searches.  But there is a way to streamline this process and improve the end user’s experience.

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Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 2109 – What’s new

The latest version of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (CVAD) has been release, version 2109. This latest version in the Current Release path contains several improvements, bug fixes, and added support. 

The biggest announcement is that CVAD 2109 will have Day 1 support for Microsoft Windows Server 2022. This will allow customers to immediately gain the benefits and improvements of Server 2022 for their CVAD infrastructure and VDAs.

In addition to the Day 1 support for Windows Server 2022 there were many other improvements and features added to 2109.

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