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Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops – Are you taking advantage of everything you already have?

During a recent discussion with a client regarding Citrix Session Recording it became obvious that there were many features of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops that the client wasn’t aware they had access to.  So in this post of the Xenwerx Blog we are going to go through the features that comes with each version of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops when deployed on-premise. Whether you take advantage of all the features you get with your licensing model of CVAD you should at least know what you are paying for and make use of any features that could be beneficial to your organization.

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Citrix Session Recording: How to save time troubleshooting and increase security

Citrix Session Recording is not new technology.  However, it is extremely under utilized and has had some recent improvements that should not be overlooked.  If you are not familiar with Session Recording it allows the recording of a users’s virtuall app or desktops session to be reviewed later by administrators.  This recording can be used for a multitude of reasons such as troubleshooting user issues, ensuring security is being maintained or documenting a security issue, or providing documentation to protect your company and employees when finger pointing happens.  We will explore some of the new features and how Session Recording can help your organization.

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Reducing distractions while working remote.

As businesses look to implement permanent hybrid or remote work schedules for their employees they are forced to face one of their biggest fears, lack of producitivity by employees.  The idea of employees continuing with a fully remote work schedule has started to fade in favor of a hybrid work model, where employees split their time between working remote and being in the office.  However, many employers are still concerned about their employee’s productivity during the remote work days.  So how can you as an employee ensure that you are just as productive, or more so, on your remote work days.  Below are some tips to minimize distractions and remain productive while working remote.

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