The Hybrid Work Transition: How to make the transition easier.

The Hybrid Work Transition: How to make the transition easier.

A recent article on listed 5 tips to help reduce distractions while transitioning to the hybrid work model. The article specifically talked about how Citrix Workspace can assist in minimizing distractions and facilitate productive hybrid work.

Remote work

News sources are full  of stories about the changing work landscape and The Great Resignation.  Although it is impossible to say exactly what the work landscape will look like in the future, one thing that is known is that it won’t be the same as it was pre-pandemic.  More and more organizations and employees are turning their focus to fully remote or hybrid work arrangements.  According to the Entrepreneur article 67% of people don’t anticipate returning to the office for the traditional five day a week, 9-5 schedule we are accustomed to.  Other surveys point out that employees don’t necessarily want to work 100% of their time remotely either.  Therefore the hybrid scenario of splitting time between remote and in-office work appears to be the direction most organizations are heading.

The solutions provided by Citrix remove a lot of the hassles from businesses and employees by allowing employees to work from anywhere, on any device, at any time with a consistent experience that allows secure access to company resources and collaboration with co-workers and customers alike.

Even with the benefits of Citrix technology provided by the organization how can employees ensure their productivity and efficiency while working remote.

Standardize your daily routine

Having a regular routine can increase productivity and decrease distractions. By setting times dedicated for specific tasks, such as checking email, working on specific projects, meetings, and breaks will help you stay focused.  Breaking the day up into specific chucks also helps prevent burn-out.  Limiting the amount of time you spend on any one task prevents you from getting bogged down and keeps your day moving.

Whether you choose to schedule this time in your calendar with block scheduling or taking a more casual approach by setting an alarm / timer on your mobile phone, the benefits of a set routine and breaking work into manageable chunks will help ensure that you stay productive through-out your day.

Dedicated work space

Have a dedicated place where you work.  Regardless of the location; be it a home office, a corner of the kitchen table, or a comfy chair in the living room, find a spot that is dedicated to work.  You will become accustomed to getting in the work frame of mind when you are in that spot and allow you un-plug from work when you are anywhere else.  The work / home separation is often times one of the most difficult things for people to master when working from home because they feel like they can never get away from work or they end up work more hours than they would have if they were at the office. 

Get to know and use the tools at your disposal

The tools that you use to connect to work, collaborate with co-workers and clients, and perform your daily work tasks can all be tools to help you be more efficient and streamline your processes if you take the time to learn those tools and use the features they provide.  Features in online meeting software, calendar and email shortcuts and filters, and collaboration tools, just to name a few, can all help you get more work done, stay in touch with colleagues, and minimize distractions.

Protect your work and personal data

Security is paramount whether you are at the office or at home.  Just because you aren’t in the office setting doesn’t mean you should get lax with your security habits.  Ransomware attacks saw a sharp increase during the pandemic, specifically targeting smaller businesses and remote workers.  Remembering key security practices like not sharing passwords, not using work devices for personal use, logging off work connections when not in use, separating work and personal time, and not leaving electronic devices unattended when in public will go along way to helping keep your personal data and your company’s data secure.  In addition, being diligent when opening emails that you weren’t expecting or are from unknown senders is always important.

Work within your style

How do you prefer to work?  Do you work better in groups?  Do you need quiet solitude to focus?  Are you a morning or evening person?  Keep your answers to these questions and one like them and adjust your work location, time, etc. to fit your style the best you can.  Using your self-knowledge to tailor your working environment will help reduce distractions, increase focus, and ensure that you are being your most productive while working remote.

The right tools for the job

If your company doesn’t provide the tools to allow you to do your best work when working remotely, suggest they look into Citrix solutions to help you and your co-works be your best and make their business more secure.

As an organization if you are looking for a way to provide your employees with the flexibility to embrace the new hybrid work model, remain secure and be productive reach out to a Citrix Partner to find out how Citrix can help you achieve your goals.  Citrix isn’t just for large enterprises, small business can benefit just as much, if not more, by utilizing Citrix technologies.