The Great Resignation

The Great Resignation

An article on reveals the recent trend of over 4 million people quitting their jobs in the midst of a job market fraught with businesses failing, financial uncertainties, and the highest levels of unemployment in recent history. 

So with all the business and job market tribulations happening right now why would over 4 million employees decide to give up their current job and become a member of “The Great Resignation”? In a word, flexibility.

During the height of the pandemic businesses were forced to adjust and permit employees to work remotely often times with a flexible schedule. However, as things return to “normal” and business reopen and return to the traditional 9-5 five day work week, employees are asking to maintain some level of the flexibility and remote work they experience during 2020 and are quitting jobs if the company doesn’t at least try to accommodate the new work environment that has become the “new normal” for so many people.

The article goes on to outline some steps that businesses can do to retain employees and offer the flexibility that their people are asking for.  These steps include the organization being flexible itself and allowing employees that can work remotely to do so, at least part of the time.  Adjust compensation in the form of perks such as additional PTO, hybrid or flex work schedules, etc. and create a culture where employees fell that the company truly cares about them, the local community and humanity in general.

Although employees that quit their job are presented with a large number of job opportunities they still have to find organizations that offer them the flexibility that they desire as well as compete with over 4 Million other job seekers for the opportunities that do offer that flexibility. 

There are many advantages for companies that are willing to adjust to the new flexible work landscape and capable of letting employees work remotely.  Fewer employees in the office can mean less real estate space required, less power, less equipment, etc.

But what about the organizations that want to grow with the times but don’t have the capabilities for remote work? Citrix offers products and services to allow employees to work securely from anywhere, at any time, from any device.  The Citrix collaboration tools including ShareFile and RightSignature allow employees to collaborate on and share documents securely as well as facilitate e-signatures on documents. Citrix solutions are available for organizations to host in house or available in the cloud for the organizations that don’t want the overhead of an in house solution. 

Regardless of whether organizations want provide their employees a full Windows or Linux desktop, a few applications, or just need a way to securely provide access to files and resources Citrix can provide the flexibility your organization needs to compete in the changing business landscape. 

To find out about all the solutions Citrix offers and how they can enhance your organization’s technology offering reach to Xenwerx Initiatives or another Citrix Partner to gain all the information you need to make the right decision for you and your employees.

The original article can be found here.